ASUS Flip 2-in-1 Convertible TP500LA-DS71T 15.6-Inch Laptop (Broadwell, Core i7), Reviews

ASUS Flip 2-in-1 Convertible TP500LA-DS71T 15.6 Inch – The World’s Best Touch Screen Laptop Do you want the latest touchscreen laptop with the best features that provides more than expected? ASUS Flip 2-in-1 converter is the only laptop for all your activities. This world-class laptop is very efficient in all its service. Its touch is very sensitive and has the best processor for quick operation. It a large internal memory that allows you keep all your documents and music without any stress. This is the ultimate laptop for all quality working. It is also very elegant with a perfect and wide screen. Despite its high quality features, it is pocket friendly hence the best touchscreen laptop.

Laptop features

ASUS Flip 2-in-1 Convertible TP500LA-DS71T 15.6 Inch laptop has very high quality features that ensures its durability and efficiency.

The features include :

Finished in brushed hairline aluminum 

This high quality laptop has brushed hairline aluminum finish that makes it very strong and durable. The finish is also very attractive as it makes the laptop shine making it stand out among all other types. Due to its durability, the touchscreen laptop guarantees you long term and quality service. It does not break easily even in case it falls down because the finish provides maximum protection to the laptop. Get this unique and splendid touchscreen laptop today and you will experience great change in your life. Life changes with ASUS Flip 2-in-1 Convertible laptop as it provides beyond expectations.

Large and high resolution screen

The laptop is a touchscreen laptop hence you will always enjoy operating the laptop. The touch is very sensitive and the screen resolution is very high for the best view. Its maximum screen resolution is 1366 by 768 pixels. The screen size is also very large as it is 15.6 inches. This is the best laptop with a perfect screen that allows you to view from any point. The touchscreen rotates in a 360-degrees that enables it provide the best view ever. This is the only laptop that comes in a totally different style to change your life. Why miss out quality and long term service from ASUS Flip 2-in-1 laptop? Get yours today for the best life ever.

Large RAM

*  ASUS Flip 2-in-1 Convertible TP500LA-DS71T 15.6 Inch laptop has a very large RAM that allows for mass storage of both documents, music, videos and other staffs.

*  Due to the large RAM, it runs perfectly for long hours without any inconveniency. The RAM is of 8GB DDR3 memory and a hard drive of 1000GB.

*  The hard drive has a very high rotational speed of up to 5400 RPM. This is a very high speed that you can only find in ASUS Flip touchscreen laptop.

*  The large memory and high speed enables you play all types of games and even multi-task the laptop without getting slower on speed. This is the ultimate laptop you can use in any field.

Strong battery for long hour operation

The laptop comes with a very strong battery that will runs for long hour once fully charged. The battery runs for more than 8 hours and therefore very reliable. This implies that you can always use the laptop out in the field once you fully charged. The battery also has long life as it doesn’t wear out faster. You just need to charge it appropriately and it will guarantee you long term service. This is the world’s best laptop for you.

Latest Intel core of 2.4GHz

This is the best laptop with a very high speed processor. The high quality laptop has Intel core i7-5500U 2.4GHz that ensures efficient running of the whole system. The Turbo is up to 3GHz. The processor is of Broadwell type and you will definitely love its great speed. The speed is always perfect despite the number of operations taking place at any particular time. Order for ASUS Flip 2-in-1 Convertible TP500LA-DS71T 15.6 Inch laptop today and you will definitely love its high quality service. It provides the best ever service in all its operations. The touchscreen laptop’s operating system is 8.1 windows. This is the latest windows that will assure you quick and trusted service. It also ensures that you get all the latest software that will upgrade the operating system of your laptop.

Compatible with different devices

This smart laptop has several ports that allows you connect with other devices in any operation. It has one USB 3.0 ports and therefore you will find it very elementary while carrying out any operation with your laptop. It also has 802.11bgn wireless system. This allows you connect to internet connection for a reliable browsing. You will always enjoy all activities you may wish to carry out with this classic laptop. It is also very stylish and attractive in nature. This implies that you will always be very proud when carrying this smart laptop. It is definitely the world’s best touchscreen laptop.

Pocket friendly price

ASUS Flip 2-in-1 Convertible TP500LA-DS71T 15.6 Inch laptop is relatively cheap and affordable despite its high quality features. This enables you enjoy world-class service at quite lower costs. It costs $799.00 only and this comes with free shipping to your destination. You just need to make your order today and the laptop will be delivered to your door step just in 24 hours. Besides the pocket friendly price, the laptop has one year international warranty plus a year accidental damage protection from ASUS. This will need you to register with ASUS to claim the protection in case of any damage.

These are just but a few of the unique features you will find in ASUS Flip 2-in-1 Convertible TP500LA-DS71T 15.6 Inch laptop. It has been the top rated touchscreen laptop that has always provided high quality service. It is strong and durable since it is finished in a brushed hairline aluminum that also contributes to its elegant and stylish appearance. It has a long life battery that runs for more than 8 hours of service once fully charged. It is the world’s best laptop that guarantees you quality and long term service. Don’t miss out this latest touchscreen laptop that is very fast and efficient in all its service. It also has a large storage memory of 8GB and 1TB hard disk drive. It allows for multi-tasking hence the best ever laptop for any operation. It has the best keyboard besides the touchscreen that allows for simple control. Despite all these high quality features, it is cheap and affordable. Buy this great touchscreen laptop today for the best service. ASUS Flip 2-in-1Convertible TP500LA-DS71T 15.6 Inch laptop is the world’s best laptop.